Mold Removal, Remediation & Restoration

California's Expert Emergency Restoration Company

Using Safe & Effective Methods of Mold Removal

EMERCON’S trained technicians use state-of-the-art technology to promptly assess the situation and eradicate the mold contamination in a home or business. Our team works carefully, safely and rapidly to remove harmful airborne toxins and restore the structure clean state.

Whether it is due to a Water Damage Emergency, Sewage Emergency, or simply the discovery of mold in a home or business, EMERCON provides expert mold removal & restoration services. This includes setting up containment areas, removal of unsalvageable materials and items, sanitization, air purification, and any restoration services necessary to return your property to its pre-loss condition.

Quick & Professional

It is important to always consult an expert when dealing with a potential mold problem. Mold damage can occur extremely quickly after a flood or water damage incident. Mold often grows where you can’t see, so to protect your health and the safety of your home or business, hire a professional to investigate & remediate the damage.

Eradicate Mold at the Source

Inspection, testing, removal & clean-up of areas affected by mold is an important step in making sure your home or business is safe and healthy to live/work in. EMERCON uses the latest technology to reach mold at its source. Our skills in restoration services make us the best choice for Mold Damage Restoration in California.

24-Hour Emergency Response

Don’t take chances with Mold Damage in your home or business. Call EMERCON for 15-minute telephone response. We will be at your location in 2 hours or less, with our team of experts to act quickly to your situation. We handle any necessary insurance claims, and maintain an open communication line with our clients, so you know what is happening every step of the way.

Delivering Superior Customer Service

EMERCON is second to none

Our highly skilled, experienced, and dedicated technicians, restorers, and estimators are trained to perform to the highest standards. But the most important factor in our work is the relationship we keep with the clients. From the moment you call us, you are treated with compassion, friendly service, and respect.

We understand the devastation and stress that comes with loss – whether it be a home, business, or other property. EMERCON works quickly and efficiently to make sure the process is smooth and hassle-free for you.